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  • A “Swan Song” Interview for an Upcoming Skunk Ape Doc May 24, 2015
    Something stinks in Florida. It’s not the bad drivers and stale tofu, or even the mosquitoes the size of horse flies. It’s big and hairy, elusive and mysterious, and according to some people couldn’t possibly exist. Brad Abrahams, filmmaker behind Love and Saucers: The Far Out World of David Huggins has embarked on yet another […]
  • Ghost Photo Roundup: The Creepiest Images That Hit the Web This Week May 22, 2015
    It’s been another busy week for photobombing phantasms all over the world. Earlier this week we brought you both “the castle ghost” and the “home alone ghost” photos, so we figured we’d round off the week with more spine-tingling photos from the depths of social media. The Pond Spirit Photograph First on the list of potential ghost […]
  • Camp Hero: America’s Weirdest State Park is Haunted by Strange Creatures and Psychic Spy Experiments May 21, 2015
    Many of America’s parks hold secrets. Some of them, like the secret room on Mt. Rushmore, lend themselves well to hushed talk of the illuminati, but when it comes to conspiracy theory, there are few public parks that can hold a candle to New York’s Camp Hero. Underneath the state park’s well-worn walking paths sit […]