Greg Newkirk: Paranormal Investigator, Writer, Professional Weirdo



Greg Newkirk is a paranormal investigator, travel writer, and real-life monster hunter. In other words, he’s a professional weirdo.

For the last two decades, Newkirk has been tracking down and investigating cases of the anomalous, the occult, and the just plain weird. In that time he’s tackled cases of encounters with mine-dwelling extraterrestrial “goblins”, witnessed the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights, drank questionable liquids with real vampires, and had books thrown at him by a poltergeist trapped in a church.

When he’s not criss-crossing the country in search of monsters, mysteries, and magick, Greg can be found performing strange, often dangerous experiments in search of the truth. Whether he’s orchestrating successful alien abduction attempts, rappelling into sacred caves on spirit-quests, or summoning the spirits of the dead for a chat about the afterlife, Newkirk is regularly pushing the boundaries of paranormal investigation well beyond “ghost hunting”.

As if Greg’s eerie adventures and odd experiments weren’t enough to qualify him as one today’s foremost authorities on the subject of the unexplained, he’s also the director of the world’s only Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult, a roving display filled with terrifying relics from real hauntings, occult crimes, and startling evidence collected during his nearly twenty years of anomalous research.

As co-founder and Editor-In-Chief for Week in Weird, one of the web’s most popular destinations for the true tales of the strange and the unexplained, Newkirk spends his days bringing the weirdest news stories to millions of visitors each month. Previously, Greg served as the Head Writer for Roadtrippers, the fastest growing travel website in the world, where he cranked out viral hits uncovering the world’s most fascinating travel destinations. Greg’s writing is regularly featured both in print and online in publications like Yahoo! News, Gizmodo, and Kotaku, as well as in local and national news networks across the country.

In addition to researching, investigating, and writing about the anomalous, Greg has appeared on numerous hit television series including Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, TLC’s Paranormal Lockdown, and Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum, has served as a paranormal consultant on projects that have aired on A&E, Destination America, and the Discovery Channel, and is a regular guest on highly-rated radio programs like Coast to Coast AM.

In 2011, Greg directed and edited the award-winning documentary The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching, a film that follows an ex-military monster hunter as he treks deep into the woods of southern New York in search of the Sasquatch.

He enjoys collecting vintage paranormal ephemera, a strong cup of coffee, and driving long stretches of dirt road. He once scored 19 out of 25 correct choices in a Zener card test. He doesn’t like it when people yell at ghosts.

He currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his adventuring partner and wife Dana, their two cats, and lots of restless spirits.

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 Highlight of tonight’s @thebandghost ritual: guy in the front row leaning on the stage looked up and saw Cardinal Copia’s gyrating groin about a foot from his face and leaned so far backward he almost fell. #paletournameddeath #ghost  So we’re, uh, pretty close to the stage. #IfYouHaveGhost #paletournameddeath  The old ways still exist. #returnthecrone
 Tonight’s “Pale Tour Named Death” score: a Nameless Ghoul reached out and handed @weird_dana his pick from the stage. Can you tell she’s happy?  Thanks for spending your birthday on a mission with us, @blackwolf26.   Catskill mountain mornings. #ReturnTheCrone
 Pale white horse.  This was one of the most physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining weeks of my life. When we talk about what we do as paranormal investigators and curators of @theparamuseum, people usually envision what they’ve seen on television - nightvision cameras, blinking gadgets, and dilapidated houses - but it’s not even close. After two years of preparation and research, @weird_dana, @blackwolf26 and I made a ten mile round trip hike deep into a lonely, abandoned portion of the Catskill Mountains with no marked trails in an effort to right a supernatural wrong. We carried hundreds of pounds of equipment on our backs, foraged firewood, and set up camp, using synchronistic signposts as our roadmap. As a hundred witches across the country began a coordinated ritual, Dana cast a circle around our workspace and we performed a grueling, all-night process to unbind and reverse a curse, using a volatile ritual artifact named The Crone as our focus - all while strange and upsetting visitors at the edge of our camp attempted to distract from the process. When the ritual was complete, we huddled into a makeshift studio inside a two-person tent, where we proceeded to cast a museum-quality silicon mold of the volatile artifact, sacrificing our only heater in order to ensure the mold would catalyze in the freezing weather. For the remainder of the night, we huddled by a dying fire, praying that it wouldn’t rain, because we would most likely, and quite literally, die if it did. As we watched the sun come up, shaking from the cold and exhaustion, Dana broke the circle and we dug a hole facing west, in the shadow of a dogwood tree, and buried The Crone. This is the real work. As tired and broken as I am this morning, I’m filled with love and gratitude to the people that helped make this mission possible, from @theparamuseum members who support our work, to the badass witches of Magic of the Month who assisted in the ritual, to @johneltenney who dug through historical research for obscure references to the case. To @blackwolf26 for attempting to mold a haunted object in the middle of nowhere in the freezing temperatures. And to @weird_dana, for being the strongest person I know.  Stay inside the circle. #ReturnTheCrone