Dana Matthews: Paranormal Investigator, Writer, Believer



Journalist, ghost story enthusiast, and paranormal TV junkie, Dana Matthews has been actively investigating the strange and the anomalous for well over 15 years. And yes, after all this time, she’s still scared of ghosts.

Founder of the world’s first all-female paranormal investigation team, Dana formally began her adventures into the world of the unexplained in the late 90’s, though she chalks her interest in the subject of the strange to way too many episodes of The X-Files as a kid. With nearly two decades of research into everything from residual hauntings, to Bigfoot hotspots, to bizarre Fortean events, Dana is one of the paranormal field’s most seasoned veterans when it comes to investigating and documenting strange claims.

Eager to share her adventures with the world, in 2006, Matthews co-founded Week in Weird, which has grown to become one of the internet’s most popular destinations for true tales of the unexplained. Currently acting as Week In Weird‘s Senior Staff Writer, Dana regularly reports on the most incredible accounts of paranormal phenomena, the latest in psychical research, and her own investigations into the fringe. Her writing has been featured in local and national news outlets across the county, as well as Nerdist, io9, Jezebel, Mary Sue, Dread Central, Kotaku, and other great publications both in print and online.

When she’s not in the field chasing leads in the latest monster sighting, Dana acts as a caretaker of the world’s only Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult — a carefully curated exhibit featuring some of the most haunted, cursed, and infamously anomalous objects that visitors can actually handle themselves.

Additionally, Dana and her husband Greg Newkirk travel across the country sharing their amazing experiences to sold-out crowds at the county’s premier horror conventions and paranormal events. With unique lecture topics like “How to Get Abducted by Aliens” and “Understanding the Language of Bigfoot”, it’s no surprise that Dana and Greg are two of the most sought-after presenters in the paranormal field today.

Dana’s paranormal expertise has been featured in appearances on hit television series like TLC’s Kindred Spirits and Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, and if you’re Canadian, you might even recognize Dana as the lead investigator on SPACE’s internationally syndicated series The Girly GhosthuntersPremiering in 2004, The Girly Ghosthunters stands as one the first North American ghost hunting series to feature a real paranormal investigation team each week, launching alongside SyFy’s Ghost Hunters and helping pave the way for programs like Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.

Her passions include all things Tolkien, M-rated Sherlock fan fiction, late-night paranormal adventures, and her two cat-children Gordon and Pete.

She currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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