Connecticut Hill Bigfoot Pod An Adventure Involving: Menacing Monsters



Connecticut Hill Game Lands
Alpine, NY

In the hills of lower New York State lies a patch of game lands whispered about by locals for years. Purportedly home to a “migratory pod” of Sasquatch, the hill has also been home to UFO sightings, wandering ghosts, and other strange phenomena that have lent credence to the land’s nickname: The Alpine Portal.

Originally home to thriving Native American culture, the indigenous people of Connecticut Hill were driven out of the area by George Washington’s troops in the 1700′s. When the new locals began to realize that the hill’s climate made for terrible farming, the land was subsequently abandoned, and has since been turned into a state wildlife management area. But according to locals (and paranormal investigators), the wildlife on Connecticut Hill is a bit wilder than usual.

According to Bigfoot researchers such as The Elmira Bigfoot Watch’s Mr. Tim Holmes, this particular section of Alpine, NY is home to what they believe is a “migratory pod” of Sasquatch, who use the area for shelter during the winter months before moving south for the winter. They’ve backed up their claims with convincing photos, videos, and plaster casts of giant footprints taken from the hill, as well as recordings of purported Sasquatch vocalizations. Furthering their research is a plethora of eyewitness accounts of everything from quick glimpses of the creature, to violent campsite attacks in the dead of night. 

In addition to the reports of big blurry beasts, the area is rife with UFO sightings, EMF field disturbances high enough to shut down vehicles, and even the occasional ghost wandering through the forgotten cemetery.

While we can’t confirm any of the saucers, spooks, or spikes, we can tell you that Connecticut Hill was the location of our 2011 documentary project The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching, and the area did not disappoint. Not only were we able to cast extremely large footprints located far off the beaten path, we captured video of what several Sasquatch researchers believe to be a genuine interaction with a Bigfoot comprised of a vocal and physical warning.